Hi, I am Natalie Parnell.

Let me introduce myself. I am currently 36 by earth years, soon to be 37!!! Someone once told me they felt like I had lived many lives before this one, I felt that. I am an old soul, a little hippie, a little cowgirly with a raver heart. I hate to be put in a box, we are all so much more than that. Life is crazy right!?? full of surprises some that are uncomfortable and some that are beautiful all necessary in pioneering this world, learning every step of the way how to thrive in my authenticity!!!!

Photography came to me in 2008 but I had a love for capturing life moments long before then. Shooting family & Senior Portraits is my jam!!! I specialize in child led photography, my goal is to capture the raw moments, the in between, the emotion, the moments you are your authentic self. Thats when the magic happens!